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Arguments for industrial investment in Ontario

Posted by Greg Chew on Aug 9, 2016 3:58:36 PM


Ontario offers industry a unique environment supported by innovation, competitive business costs and an educated workforce.

Tax competitive country

In a recent KPMG study, Canada was named as the “most tax competitive country amoung the world’s most attractive countries for investment.” The study found that total business tax costs in Canada are 47.6% lower than the U.S. Interestingly, Toronto’s overall business tax costs were 52.6% lower than U.S.’s major city average.


Competitive incentive programs

Not only does Ontario offer the lowest overall business costs amoung the G7, but it regionally and provincially offers a plethora of grant and tax incentive programs. From R&D incentive programs like the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) to development incentives like Niagara’s Gateway CIP Incentive Program.  


An innovative brain trust

Ontario provides strong educated talent to world manufacturers. With R&D infused cities and educational institutions across the province, businesses are able to take advantage of skilled workers to advance their manufacturing objectives. It’s a setting in which world class academia and research and development institution collaborate with industry to fund innovation, skill and future.  

For instance, Welland’s newly built Walker Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation Centre provides solutions for local industry on Niagara College’s campus.


Global positioning - market access

Ontario is positioned within the North American Free Trade Agreement region and many of its Southern manufacturing centres offer one day's drive to well over 50% access of the U.S.’s purchasing power. With a strategically built multi-modal transportation network, international goods movement thrives. The Ontario transportation system affords, air, rail, road and marine transportation options.

Locations like Welland, where GE recently chose to relocate it gas engine production plant, sit under 20 minutes from major U.S. borders.


Featured industrail development land

industrial development land ontario

This large industrial development parcel is located in Welland, Ontario adjacent to the Welland Canal waterway. At 76 acres, this land is zoned for heavy manufacturing and provides direct rail and highway access. Welland offer  aggressive incentives and has been awarded a number of new industrial development opportunities over the past year because it’s city hall is notoriously open for business. Click here to see the listing. 

Finding a strategic site to build on, in Ontario is easy considering the amount of shovel ready development land. For more information on making an industrial investment in Ontario, connect with Greg Chew below.

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