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Know How Much Space You Need When Leasing Office Space

Posted by Greg Chew on Sep 14, 2017 9:21:20 AM

Finding the right size for your office space in Niagara is critical. Having too much space could leave you spending more than you need to. Having too little space could hinder your business. It is helpful to calculate not just how much space you need immediately, but how much you might need in the near future. Working with a commercial real estate broker can help you determine your needs.

Take The Time To Get It Right

Searching for the right space, whether moving to a new city or upgrading your space within your current location, takes time. Plan ahead and do not expect to move quickly. If done too hastily, you may end up in the wrong space with the wrong terms.

Generally speaking, the smaller the space you’re looking for, the shorter the search time, as these spaces are more readily available. If you're looking for a larger office space in Niagara, you'll need to be prepared to search a little longer.

Know Your Priorities

Cost is the “bottom line” for any business, as it should be. But it shouldn’t be the only consideration when leasing office space. Usage of the space should be prioritized, for your employees, customers, visitors and any service providers who will be accessing the space. A commercial real estate agent can help you compile a list of “must haves” and “wants” and prioritize each in case compromises need to be made when making a final decision.

Your best asset in your search for commercial space in NIagara for lease is an experienced Niagara commercial real estate agent. Leases are complex legal documents that can cause problems if signed with errors or conditions that you do not understand. If you’re searching for new office space or considering a lease, contact me today about what you should be looking for in your new space and in your lease.

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