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New Progress Updates from the Canadian Motor Speedway

Posted by Greg Chew on Mar 31, 2016 4:53:51 PM


Since a zoning amendment in 2009, the owners of the Canadian Motor Speedway have been diligently working to make the $450 million dollar project come to fruition. In the past few months, it feels like speed as started to pick up for the development. See below for progress updates from the Canadian Motor Speedway (CMS).

New renderings

New renderings were released last week from the CMS, they show plans for the ¾ mile oval and grandstand seating. The renderings were completed by IBI Group architects with design collaboration from Jeff Gordon. In addition to the 3/4 mile oval and grandstanding seating site plans are said to include a road course, commercial space for research, hospitality and park, and an extreme sports centre within the roads course.

Updated Construction schedule

The CMS announced that site alteration would begin this spring, with the excavation of 7 metres of bedrock. Actual construction of the speedway will be reserved for summer of 2017 with a development timeline of two years.  Phase 1 of the project will include the construction of the tracks oval and the road courses construction will be pushed to Phase 2.

From a recent CMS press release:

“CMS is now in the process of formal submission of its site plan to The Town of Fort Erie which incorporates the parameters established in the traffic management plan. Approvals are expected over the next few months. Meanwhile, the orientation of the ¾ mile oval track on the site has been finalized, while 4-time NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon continues to work with CMS architects (IBI Group) on design refinements. The plan is still on schedule to have permits issued to allow heavy equipment back on the site this summer for major excavation, with opening projected for 2018 barring approval delays.”  source 

Provincial support

At an event held at White Oaks on March 29th, Brad Duguid, Minister of Economic Development, Employment acknowledged that he would advocate on Niagara’s behalf to see the CMS move forward.  The minister was in town to speak on Ontario’s Business Growth Initiative which includes a new public consult on provincial regulations.


Educational partnerships

The CMS has entered into partnerships with both Niagara College and Brock University. With Brock the CMS has entered into a partnership for research enhancements concentrated with Faculty of Applied Health Sciences and potentially The Goodman Business School, Environmental Sustainability Research Centre and BioLinc. And through Niagara College’s Motive Power and Walker Advanced Manufacturing Centre, technology like a hybrid engine trainer, a 3D model of the CMS and a 3D scanner helped to enhance the CMS’s physical marketing presence.

Canadian Motor Speedway Stats

Location: Bowen Road and Gilmore Road, Fort Erie

Size: ¾ mile oval (1.2 km) + 2 mile road course

Seating: 65,000 grandstand seats

Architects: IBI Group Architects

Cost: $450 million

To follow progress on the Speedway visit their Facebook page which is updated with regularity.


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