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New Residential Development Potential in St. Catharines

Posted by Greg Chew on Apr 21, 2017 3:56:08 PM

residential development land st catharines

Niagara has become the fastest growing real estate market in the country. Average sales prices are up over 30%, with the new average sales price sitting at $403.124. This increase is thought to be a result of Toronto-based families moving further and further out of the GTA to find affordable places to live. The market demand in Niagara will only continue to rise.

St. Catharines is Niagara largest city, home to a population of over 130,000 residents. It’s a city in the midst of a downtown revitalization and is buzzing with new residential development. Total starts in Niagara are rising with volumes reaching 1800-2000 in 2016.

Those looking to invest in a residential development in the booming Niagara market, have a new opportunity in St. Catharines' downtown perimeter. Located 4km from downtown, the parcel at 55 Oakdale Avenue offers developers +/- 5.9 acres of prime residential development land. With close proximity to park land and major commercial nodes, this site is well-suited for townhomes or condominiums.

Current Residential Developments in St. Catharines

To understand the residential development market in St. Catharines it’s important to get perspective on what is currently in preconstruction and construction. At this time there are close to 20 developments currently in preconstruction and construction in St. Catharines. The developments are a mix of townhomes, condominiums and single family homes. E
xamples of on-market developments can are listed below.

  • The Enclave by Cosmopolitan Homes
  • Merriton Commons by Phelps Homes
  • Passages on the Canal by Bayview Wellington Homes
  • Smart Townes 3 by Pinewood Niagara Builders
  • Meadowvale Estates by SilverGate Homes
  • Tanbark Heights by Grey Forest Homes

New Listing: Residential Development Potenital in St. Catharines

55 Oakdale Avenue, St. Catharines

st catharines residential development land

Location: 55 Oakdale Avenue, St. Catharines

Site:  5.90 Acres

Zoning: R4-H1, G2-H1- Neighbourhood Residential

> Sitting 4km from downtown
> Hiking Trails and Green Space Close By
> Minutes to the Pen Centre, St. Catharines largest mall
> Zoned High Density Residential
> Proposed: Townhouse Units: 40
> Proposed: Apartment Units: 130
> Proposed: Total Units: 170
> Proposed: Parking Spaces for Apartment Building: 162

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