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Niagara Falls Recognized as Business Friendly

Posted by Greg Chew on Sep 6, 2017 11:36:43 AM

Niagara Falls was recently recognized for its business-friendly atmosphere, featured in FDi’s 2017/2018 American Cities of the Future report. FDi, a division of Financial Times Limited, ranks cities in five categories in their report: economic potential, business friendliness, human capital and lifestyle, cost-effectiveness, and connectivity. 421 cities were in the report.

The city was listed third in business friendliness. It is notable that the city is beginning to gain recognition for more than its tourism industry. More and more investors are recognizing it as an excellent place to do business.

Strategic Location

The city is located at one of the busiest border crossings between Canada and the United States. Billions of dollars in trade cross that particular border every year. This has presented significant opportunities for businesses that operate on both sides of the border and businesses that are looking to expand commerce internationally.

There are 150 million consumers within a day’s drive of the city which not only benefits the tourism industry, but retailers, industrial manufacturers and service providers alike.  

Concerted Public Effort

Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati notes that:

Niagara Falls has always been the place to be. Now we're the place to grow, too! Niagara Falls has a distinctive global brand for business, with exciting investor opportunities to attract worldwide attention. Led by our strength in tourism, and with a diverse economic landscape, we are leading the way in growth and development in global markets.

Furthermore, apart from large international businesses, small businesses are receiving public support as well. The Small Business Enterprise Centre helps entrepreneurs turn ideas into start-ups and start-ups into the companies that could potentially become international corporations.

If you’re contemplating starting or operating a business out of the Falls, now is the time. The Falls offers virtually guaranteed commercial success boasting a ready supply of consumers and a business-friendly culture. For a look at some interesting Niagara Falls commercial real estate opportunities, click here.

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