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Peace Bridge rehabilitation will better serve the growing Niagara economic corridor

Posted by Greg Chew on Jun 9, 2016 4:41:25 PM


The Peace Bridge will finally begin redecking work this summer to improve the flow of goods and consumer traffic over the border crossing. This $80.5 million Peace Bridge rehabilitation will see the three lanes of the Peace Bridge redecked and revitalizaed to make for a better passage between Canada and the U.S.

Forty billion dollars worth of trade crosses the Peace Bridge every year and with Niagara’s recent designation as a “free trade zone” this activity is expected to build. In this respect, the expansion comes at a critical time of growth on both sides of the border.

What you need to know about construction on the Peace Bridge

The Peace bridge currently sits at 36 ft. wide and supports three lanes of traffic. This bridge is the third-busiest commercial vehicle border crossing between Canada and the United States and handles close to a total of 5 million drivers per year.  As early as 2011, over 1.3 million of those 5 million drivers were commercial vehicles.

The American Bridge Company has been awarded the construction contract, through their proposal authorities found the least significant delays to operation. With a 16 month timeline, there will be one summer of lane closures and they will be strategically planned so that lane closures do not occur during peak travel times.  


Economic progress

Both sides of the border are focused on revitalization, development and growth. The Peace Bridge is artery in which both Western New York and Ontario are heavily dependent on in order to maintain economic health. Each year the Peace Bridge facilitates the transportation of $30 billion in commerce, and billions more in economic activity.  As part of the rehabilitation project the U.S. Customs Commercial Building facility will be rennovated and expanded at a cost of $24 million. This will enhance the operation of the U.S. customs commercial building.

As Niagara’s designation as a free trade zone settles in it is expected that the goods movement industry will grow in the region, as companies shift to take advantage of the free trade incentives. The health of the Peace Bridge will help to facilitate the growth of this industry.


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