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Prudhommes Landing sale: a continued sign of explosive growth in Niagara

Posted by Greg Chew on Jun 10, 2016 11:54:44 AM


Yesterday it was announced publicly that the Prudhommes Landing property has been sold to development company FBH Ontario Inc. The sale of this land is just another great announcement for the Region and a continued sign of the explosive growth Niagara is now experiencing.

The Prudhommes Landing property represents the longest tract of developable land along the Lake Ontario Golden Horseshoe corridor.


Prudhommes Landing Property Details

Prudhommes Landing property sold

Sitting on 80 acres the waterfront parcel is currently tapped for mixed-use residential and commercial development. An operational Tim Hortons, Antiques Market and Subway restaurant populate the grounds as does a number of abandoned buildings including the old hotel and retail outlets.

The original Ken Fowler Enterprises $319 million development plan for mixed commercial and residential developments was designed around a closely collaborated upon secondary plan from the Town. The current secondary plan provides for a ‘mixed use town centre which is centred in a main street and framed by the shoreline.’

In the announcement of the sale, the Town of Lincoln did note that a new Secondary Plan would be created to guide development. The planning exercise will consult residents, the Region and the province to ensure the planning parameters meet the needs of the community. A whole community is said to be the plan for the plot of land, one that will see a mix of residential, commercial and retail.


Surrounding Property

This property is surrounded by commercial and residential entities including the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, a residential community Victoria Shores and the Lakehouse Restaurant. The Town has appointed the area as the Prudhommes Urban Area, representing the only urban area in Lincoln.

The development of this property has been long anticipated, while a development plan has yet to be submitted this is great momentum for Vineland. With housing prices on the rise and the newly projected population growth, the Prudhommes land is just another example of the market telling us that now is time to invest in Niagara.

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