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The Rumoured Developments to be Hitting Niagara’s Condo Market

Posted by Greg Chew on Nov 7, 2016 10:48:26 AM

niagara condo development market

Niagara’s condo market is booming. No fewer than a dozen condo buildings are presently on the market, and there are also a number of “rumoured projects” sitting in the planning stages. Over and above these rumoured projects, are plots of land and redevelopment opportunities within the Niagara region prime for multi-residential development.



Port Dalhousie Condo Developments

Port Dalhousie’s revitalization has attracted a number of residential investors developing projects such as the Union Waterfront and The Beaches at Port development. There are, however, two more buildings that could offer even more multi-residential opportunity; the Port Dalhousie Legion, (which Rankin Construction plans to redevelop into a 55-unit residential condo), and 63 Lakeport Road, (which has luxury loft potential).


Other St. Catharines Condo Developments

In 2014, The Bayshore Group who owns, and is clearing, the former GM lands, revealed a master plan that would include low-rise seniors villas and apartment lofts. More recently, however, the group has applied for approval of a secondary plan, meaning a condominium project could still be a possibility.

Depending on a rezoning application, a 19-storey hotel/condo development could soon be under construction on Carlisle Street in downtown St. Catharines. If approved, the development will be the largest condo development in downtown eclipsing the 17-storey residential unit at Wakil Valley.

The Merriton Stone Mill Inn building will soon share a 6-storey condominium as a neighbour. This new building, which is under construction on the former Domtar lands, will also include a 200-unit seniors apartment building.


Niagara Falls Condo Developments

Niagara Falls continues to expand its residential footprint with plans to draw one billion dollars of investment to create an entirely new community in the Thundering Waters area. The plan, proposed by GR Investments Ltd., includes two multi-residential buildings. The first being a timeshare hotel/apartment complex and the second being a mid-rise condo development.

On a lesser scale, but closer to the tourist area of the city, the Loretto Fallsview development site, sitting at the edge of the falls, also includes plans for two condo towers, one with 300 and the other with 270 units.


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