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Welland retail plaza set to power community homes

Posted by Greg Chew on Aug 4, 2015 2:30:00 PM


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Welland’s Fitch Street plaza is set to lease its rooftop to independent power producer, Icarus Power Generation. Under Icarus’s rent your roof program, the plaza will receive guaranteed payments for 20 years, while it’s leased roof space will generate 400 kilowatts of solar power. The power generated from the rooftop will be fed into Ontario’s power grid to power up to 48 homes annually. This is the first solar program lease on a retail plaza in Niagara, it will join over 300 solar power projects run through Icarus.

Benefits to the Welland retail plaza

Transforming the roof of the Fitch Street Plaza into a solar power generation project would see 2000 solar modules installed on the roof, generating enough energy to power 48 homes throughout the year. Icarus will lease the roof space from Fitch Street plaza. With 70% off its roof covered with solar modules any maintenance needed on the rooftop will be eliminated.


The flat roof plaza is located in Northwest Welland and is a long standing strip mall that is home to the LCBO, Giant Tiger, the Dollar Tree, CIBC amoung other businesses.


FIT Program

The Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program promotes greater uses of renewable energy sources across Ontario for electricity. The goal of the FIT program is to encourage the development of renewable energy facilities, those facilities can produce between 10 kW and 500 kW. Welland’s Fitch Street Plaza solar project would fall under this umbrella. Other sources of renewable energy include on-shore wind, waterpower, landfill gas, biomass and biogas. Energy programs are available for residential projects as well under the microFIT program.

The project is still in the planning stages, an application must go to FIT in September in order to be considered for contract. Browse my listings here for space for lease in Welland or for land for sale in Welland.

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