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Will Welland be the Next Niagara City to Experience a Condo Boom?

Posted by Greg Chew on Nov 16, 2016 10:49:35 AM

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Across Niagara the condo market is taking off.  Throughout 2015-16 over a dozen condominium developments were announced and are selling quickly.

Condominiums are a viable option as they counteract urban sprawl and offer much more affordable options as housing prices continue to rise.

Welland’s residential market is changing as the city’s population and job market grow.  Notably, a new condo development is selling now in Welland, marking the beginning of a potential new trend in the burgeoning city.

New Condo Projects in Welland

The Locke is the newest condo project in Welland and is intended as a student residence for Welland’s growing Niagara College student population.

The Locke is located at 699 Niagara Street and will include 42, two and four apartment units across 7-storeys. Units range in size between 1,100 sq. ft. and 1,664 sq. ft. and are priced from the low $300,000’s.


Potential Sites for Condominium Development in Welland

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Currently, there are three prominent land sites in Welland prime for multi-residential development; their addresses being 330 Prince Charles Drive, 200 West Main Street and 30 McCabe Avenue.  One of the main attractions of these sites is that they all boast waterfront views of either the Welland Canal or River.  Each site is zoning approved and conceptual designs can be provided.


Why Choose to Invest in Welland Residential Land?

Over the past four years, Welland has been flexing its ability to attract industry with positive results. Most notably, G.E. settled on Welland as their new destination for a $450 million factory. Other companies, including Atlantic Biodiesel, Northern Gold Foods and Bertie Insurance have also settled in Welland for reasons such as access to the city’s development incentives and proximity to major markets in Canada and the U.S.

Furthermore, as mentioned before, Welland’s population of over 50,000 continues to grow. However, real estate prices and options are still some of the most appealing in Niagara. New residential developments are consistently selling out and multi residential builds are proving to be a popular alternative as well.


To learn more about land for sale in Niagara Region and Niagara's condo boom connect with Niagara commercial real estate agent, Greg Chew below.

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