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Mapping Niagara Retirement Homes and Elderly Care Facilities



Niagara Elderly Care Facilities Map

Location of Retirement Homes in Niagara

The Niagara Region has one of the oldest populations in the province, with a median age almost 4 years older than the provincial average and the population of seniors over the age of 65 at 18 percent. The Baby Boomer cohort of Canadians is making the transition into retirement. What does this mean for Niagara, with such a high population of seniors?

This means a rise in the demand for retirement homes or elderly care facilities in Niagara. There is an opportunity within the region for land development to build new homes and facilities to meet this demand.

Currently, there are 50 retirement homes and elderly care facilities within the region. Fill out the form to download the map, which explores where elderly care facilities in Niagara are located and what kind of care is offered.