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A look at Hamilton's new employment lands: Airport Employment Growth District

Posted by Greg Chew on Oct 1, 2015 2:24:48 PM

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For over a decade Hamilton pushed for a Airport Employment Growth District (AEGD); it was in February of this year that the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) finally approved a net of 555 hectares of land around the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport for employment lands designation.

With the approval, the AEGD becomes Hamilton’s largest urban boundary expansion. The city has a variety of employment land districts but also, has many brownfield parcels that have undergone decades of heavy industry. The designation of this land, allows Hamilton desirable green space for industry. Hamilton now looks to market the land to large industry players.  

Hamilton's Airport Employment Growth District Location

The AEGD and the Airport Business Park is located in southern Hamilton, atop the escarpment, along Highway 6. Boundaries for the land run along Fiddler’s Green Rd., Garnder Rd. E., Twenty Road W. and White Church Rd. W. all surrounding the airport.

The airport has become one of the primary airports in North America for goods movement, with cargo movers like CargoJet, UPS Airlines and SkyLink Express flying daily.

The city will begin to service the lands with water and sewer, over the next three years, once environmental testing has been completed.

For an aerial view of the district please click here

Plans to market to industry

Approximately 15% of lands are ready and available within the AEGD, plots of land are going up for sale on a fairly consistent basis. The city sees the development taking between 20-30 years.

The city is marketing to industries including; infrastructure and transportation and logistics, but is also open to other industries. Industries including; pulp and paper, explosives manufacturing, vulcanizing of rubber are not permitted within the district.

In May, the Glancaster Golf and Country Club was put up for sale, the southern portions of its lands are located within the AEGD, and most recently a 69-hecate parcel was put on the market.


Hamilton’s official marketing plan for the lands has yet to be publicly launched, as the lands near service completion it will be interesting to see the types of industry the city is able to attract. Hamilton has been recognized for its economic potential and with the dying steel industry, hopes to see new industry, jobs and potential in Hamilton's new employment lands.

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