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A year of revitalization for downtown St. Catharines

Posted by Greg Chew on Dec 22, 2015 3:53:01 PM


It has been a year of revitalization for downtown St. Catharines, with newly established cultural facilities completed, news of downtown’s revitalization has triggered a wave of interest along with a number of new tenants.

With packed schedules at both the Meridian Centre and the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre, a flourish of guaranteed foot traffic is offering new appeal for companies looking to do business.

Below is a year in review covering the real estate and development activity that took place in downtown St. Catharines over the course of 2015.

Major new downtown St. Catharines developments

  • FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre - 250 St. Paul St.
    Opened November 2015
  • Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts - 15 Artists' Common
    Opened September 2015
  • Penn Terra Residences 
    Opening September 2016
  • Burgoyne Bridge - St. Paul St. W.
    To be completed August 2016


New businesses and offices opened in downtown in 2015

  • Caffe Gatti - 3 Race St.
  • King St. Laundromat - 12 King St.
  • Marble Slab Creamery - 201 St. Paul St.
  • So Jollof - 200 St. Paul St.
  • Bella Noella’s Pizza - 159 St. Paul St. (relocation)
  • Dinomite Deals - 404 St. Paul St.
  • Total Modern Tattoos - 391 St. Paul St.
  • Dani's Bistro - 259 St. Paul St.
  • Showtime Comedy and Entertainment - 92 St. Paul St.
  • N’ata Cosa Ristorante Pizzeria - 259 St. Paul St. (Carlisle Square)
  • Asian Buffet - 219 St. Paul St.
  • XinRong Dumplings - 22 King St.
  • Canadian Cancer Society Niagara Office - 67 Ontario St. (relocation)
  • VPDM Digital Marketing - 1 St. Paul St.
  • Green Mango 1 St. Paul St.
  • Beechwood Doughnuts - 5 James St.
  • CITYfx - 1 St. Paul St.
  • Crafts Arts Market - 7 James St.
  • Glenlake Paralegal - 71 King St.
  • Niagara Furniture Bank - 53 Ontario St.
  • Otto Legal Service - 1 St. Paul St.
  • Saint Paul’s Bar and Grill - 67 St. Paul St.
  • Sandy Middleton Photographic Art Studio - 36 James St.
  • All-Risks Insurance Brokers - 55 King St.
  • Memento Mori Tattoo Gallery 0 89 King St.
  • The Foster Festival - 89-91 St. Paul St. 3rd Floor
  • Indelible Creative Services - 1 St. Paul St.
  • Tax Geeks Niagara - 12 King St.
  • Cole Engineering Group Ltd.  - 195 King St.
  • Crawford, Smith & Swallow - 43 Church St.
  • Mortgage Intelligence - 179 King St.
  • Coalition for Persons with Disabilities - 43 Church St.


The new businesses and developments coming to Downtown 

  • Krav - 259 St. Paul St. (Carlisle Square)
    February 2016
  • Bolete - 176 St. Paul St.
    Early 2016
  • Lake Street Student Residence - Corner of Lake St. & Wellington St.
    September 2016 (rumoured)
  • James Street Student Residence - Corner of James St. & Raymond St.
    2016 ( rumoured)
  • Queenston St. Residences - 36 Queenston St.
    September 2016 (rumoured)
  • Niagara Regional Police Headquarters - 51 Niagara St. & 196-198 Welland Ave.


St. Catharines’ new major cultural landmarks have established a palpable sense of optimism for the city's future. Downtown’s continued revitalization has positioned the city as an appealing location for future development and investment. We hope to expect many new development announcements 2016. 

For available rental and investment opportunities in downtown St. Catharines visit my listings page or connect with me below.

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