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Eco-friendly manufacturers and the green energy movement in Welland

Posted by Greg Chew on Aug 20, 2015 3:27:00 PM

 solar power in welland

Green energy manufacturing in Welland; it's an economic strategy that city council and economic staff have been pursuing for a number of years, and it's working.

The province is encouraging the development of private renewable energy facilities through their Green Energy Act and investors are responding, with multiple projects in Welland. And on the other side, innovative minds like those at Trivium Industries and PowerBlades Inc., have made their business in Welland as eco-friendly manufacturers. 


Netherby Rd. Solar Farm 

Group IV Solar began constructing their solar farms at the 77 and 129 Netherby Rd. heavy industrial zoned sites in 2013. The two parcels equal out to 8 hectares of land and have the capability to hold 12,500 solar panels, that can supply 2.85 megawatts of solar power. Phase 1 of the project saw the construction of 2,400 solar panels across the two sites, ultimately supplying 1 megawatt of power for Ontario's power grid.


400 East Main St. Solar Operation

Mississauga's RESco Energy Inc. wants to construct a ground mounted solar operation on the former Atlas Steel manufacturing site at 400 East Main St. The project is in the proposal stages, but does have support from Welland city council. If approved through Ontario's Feed-in Traffic program, the operation could produce 600 kW of power for Ontario. 


Fitch St. Solar Roof 

Icarus Power Generation is proposing roof top solar panels for Welland's Fitch Street plaza, if the project is approved, the plaza will produce 400kW of power enough to supply 48 households with electricity for a year. To read more on the Fitch Street solar project, read my previous blog, click here to read the post.


PowerBlades Inc.

PowerBlades Inc.'s Rushholme Road plant produces turbine blades for wind energy. As apart of parent company Senvion, the plant is responsible for producing 45 m blades for the German based companies best selling wind turbine, the MM92 CCV.  The plant employs 140 people locally and plans to add new blades to manufacture for their 3MW turbine model during Phase 2. 


Trivium Industries 

Trivium opened it's Prince Charles Drive manufacturing facility in 2014. The company manufactures bioplastics or biodegrabable and compostable packaging for the cosmetic industry and are one of the only in North America to do so. The company was built in response to the increased environmental legislation imposed on the cosmetic industry, which produces high volumes of disposable waste. 

Trivium's packaging is developed using corn based resin and decomposes within 180 days of reaching a compost facility. 


EnerDynamic Hybrid Technolgies Inc. 

EnerDynamic, originally, OSM Solar, helped to propel Welland as a solar pioneer. In 2012, the company installed the first community solar project in Ontario, on top of Youngs SportsPlex on River Road. That roof top installation produces 250 kW of electricity, enough to power 70 homes for a year. 

EnerDynamic's manufacturing plant is located on Hansler Road and produces unique energy solutions including the hybrid wind and solar pole, Enerpole. 

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