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Growing industry in Niagara: Welland recognized as great place to do business

Posted by Greg Chew on Jan 7, 2016 4:42:04 PM

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My last blog of 2015 showcased the revitalization and economic development efforts in downtown St. Catharines, click here if you missed it.  But, downtown St. Catharines was not the only cluster in Niagara experiencing progressive economic development. Welland continued to make waves by closing out 2015 with a Top 10 ranking on under its annual Best Places in Canada to do Business, the only Niagara municipality to make the list.

This ranking fell under the business-friendly tax and regulatory regimes category, which speaks to the accommodating nature of working with Welland’s city hall. The city has become one with a reputation for efficiency in processes and ease of doing business, a reputation that continues to attract new business.

Welland is Open for Business

Profitguide’s search for places in Canada that were business-friendly with fast-moving development processes and little regulatory regime led them to Welland. It’s a recognition for which the cities staff and economic team can be proud of,  as it is a designation that would not have been possible a decade ago.

For many years, news surrounding industry growth in Welland spoke instead to the decline of the manufacturing industry. But a reinvented and aggressive economic strategy, hinged on marketing the city as an attractive place to do business, has moved Welland into a position for growth on a national investment level.


Advantages beyond City Hall

The cities advantages extend well beyond the processes at city hall. As a provincially designated place to grow, business choosing to build in Welland have the ability to receive tax and development charges relief through the Niagara Gateway Economic Zone and Centre Community Improvement Plan. Further incentive programs are offered in strategic locations throughout Welland, including specific industrial parks. Welland’s location, skilled workforce and burgeoning industry opportunities are all additional industry advantages.


Industrial real estate Welland 

News of new development and expansion in Welland’s key industries is starting to become a regular occurrence. With businesses including Northern Gold Foods, Bertie and Clinton Mutual Insurance, Atlantic Biodiesel (possible expansion) and Trivium Industries purchasing and developing real estate. Welland's industrial centres like Enterprise Industrial Park offer appealing developable land with excellent transportation access and financial incentives.  Click here to view available industrial and commercial real estate within the city. 


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