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Infographic: An opportune time for foreign investment in Canada

Posted by Greg Chew on Mar 24, 2016 10:41:49 AM

The team at Colliers International recently compiled 8 reasons to invest in Canada. While economic growth performance has Canadians worried, it has opened up an opportune window for foreign investment. 

Commercial real estate investment has been on the rise from American and Asian investors with investment activity totaling $1.4 billion US in the past 6 months.  The low loonie has allowed these countries to enter the Canadian market at a cost advantage. 

The below infographic titled "All signs point North" provides 8 reasons why now is a great time to invest in Canada. 




Foreign Investment in Niagara Falls

Foreign investment from Asia increased 90% over 2014, and investors from China contributed to 60% of that growth. In the past 6 months 42% of foreign investment in Canada has come from China, this can be seen in major commercial real estate deals like the $100 million investment in Niagara Falls', Thundering Waters Secondary Plan. 

Niagara Falls is presenting an ideal market to foreign investors in the hotel/hospitality industry in particular. In Niagara, a low loonie and healthy U.S. economy has spiked business returns over 20-30%, I have covered this topic in significant details in the article "Now is the perfect climate to invest in Niagara Falls hotels". To learn more about hotels for sale in Niagara Falls connect with Greg Chew below. 

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