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Leveraging the Pan Am Games Investment Potential

Posted by Greg Chew on Jul 9, 2015 3:52:55 PM

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Back in March, I wrote about the investment that both the province and municipalities of Niagara were making in support of the Pan Am games and it’s infrastructure. The infrastructure developments at both Welland’s Flatwater Centre and St. Catharines Henley Rowing Course contributed to a positive impact on our economy through job creation and the economic benefits will continue you this weekend as the scheduled events begin.

Niagara and Hamilton economic development teams are working to further take advantage of the influx of foreign visitors using a third party developed investors “America’s Investment Playbook.”


Leveraging investment potential 

The games is set to attract out-of-Canada sponsors, diplomats and team delegates all with potential business contacts which could be leveraged for future investments. While most of the games take place in Toronto, Hamilton's soccer and Niagara's canoeing and rowing events will see athletes and delegates from emerging countries including; Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Peru. These countries are recognized because their industry sectors mirror those present in the regions. 


America's Investment Playbook 

The playbook which was developed by TIARA Canada was commissioned through the City of Hamilton, the Niagara Region and the cities of St. Catharines and Welland. The playbook focuses on creating events and tours of industry in the two regions. Sectors include manufacturing, communications, logistics, technology, digital media, food and beverage and agriculture. The games offers a chance for local industry to develop relationships with these international countries and the chance to feature the potential and strength of Niagara/Hamilton's industry. 


Potential investors and international business persons were sent invitations prior to the game and in Niagara, those invitations translate to a tour highlighting industry including, power generation, clean energy, agriculture amoung other sectors. The playbook is based on a successful investment model implemented during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. If the model is also successful in the region, it can be used for future world-class events including the Dragon Boat Championship and the Women's World Hockey Championship. 


To learn more about Niagara industrial properties and lands connect with me today. To read more about markets insights within Niagara click here. To read a more indepth overview of the Pan Am Games investment potential click here

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