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Niagara Falls’ new economic development website

Posted by Greg Chew on Apr 19, 2016 1:19:15 PM


The city of Niagara Falls launched a new website to encourage economic development in February of this year. The new website,, looks to attract new business to Niagara’s tourist capital by highlighting opportunities for investment.  


Niagara Falls economic development strategic positioning

This colourful and bold website highlights Niagara Falls strategic location, growth projections and news of new development. It’s a showcase for potential investors and is focused on presenting the business advantages of the city and an easy business application process.

The site also acts as the go-to for incentive opportunities, small business help and innovation, and walks users through the development review process.

Overview of Niagara Falls' economic benefits

Located directly adjacent to New York State, the Falls provides a one day's drive access to 150 million consumers. With direct transportation connections via highway, rail, and water to major markets in the United States and Canada. The city welcomes 40% of all of Ontario’s yearly tourists and provides opportune greenfield industrial parks for the  commercial and industrial sectors.

Niagara’s key industry sectors include:

Economic development wins for Niagara 

  • Approximately 1300 building permits issued over 2015
  • Building permit value totalled $215 million
  • New businesses started in 2015 - 100 +
  • Growth projections of 40% by 2040


Niagara commercial real estate

A new website that houses all pertinent economic development information demonstrates the city's readiness to competete nationally and globally for economic prosperity and growth. Perhaps this website best compliments the city's ability to attract large projects. Connect with a Niagara commercial real estate agent to explore opportunities. 

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