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Retirement Community Developments Happening In Niagara

Posted by Greg Chew on Dec 6, 2017 3:03:19 PM

With the aging population of Niagara, it is becoming clear that investment is needed in new retirement residence development, elderly care facilities, or retirement communities. There are two large new developments within the Niagara region that are taking advantage of land development opportunities in the region to address this issue.

Gilmore Lodge Retirement Community

The Gilmore Lodge is a redevelopment project that the Niagara Region is undertaking to ensure that the retirement homes within the community comply with the provincial standards. The Gilmore Lodge is a $4.2-million investment from the region and relocation from the previous site on Gilmore Road to it’s new home, the site of the former County Fair Mall. The redevelopment is likely going to cost upwards of $100 million in order to demolish the building, perform site works and build buildings on a 12 acre parcel.

The site chosen for relocation is 11-acres, offering plenty of space for the new long-term care home as well as additional residential and mixed-used units. The current Gilmore Lodge holds 80 beds, but with Fort Erie’s aging population, the demand for beds at retirement homes in the community will quickly exceed 80 beds. A final number of beds or units offered in the redeveloped Gilmore Lodge have not been released, but will be determined closer to the commencement of construction, which is expected in 2019.

Seasons Retirement Residence St. Catharines

The former Hotel Dieu site in St. Catharines is the site chosen for a new retirement community development. The project is a $145-million development project to create a new Seasons Retirement Community in the city. There is currently a residents run by Seasons operating in Welland, and the company is expanding into St. Catharines.

The development, once completed, will feature 560 retirement units throughout the 10-acre site. The plans include a 140-unit seniors care residence, two 200-unit residential apartment buildings, and 20 townhomes. This development is expected to ease the burden of long wait lists for other Niagara retirement homes.

Mapping Out Niagara’s Retirement Facilities

There are a number of elderly care facilities throughout the Niagara Region. Click below to download the Retirement Home and Elderly Care Facility map to view.

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