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Welland strategic properties reconfirmed by Council

Posted by Greg Chew on Oct 19, 2016 11:39:07 AM

Welland City Hall strategic priorities

A strategic priority meeting held by Welland City Council on October 3rd, saw the city formally adopt a number of priorities to move through the end of the 2018 term. These priorities are set to act as a road map or guide for decision making for the city according to Mayor Frank Campion.

"These priorities will guide our discussions and decision-making over the next two years and they provide a road map on the direction the City is going," stated Welland Mayor Frank Campion.  "We will also continue to inform and engage residents and key community stakeholders."


Welland Strategic Priorities

The following strategic priorities were identified and adopted by Welland City Council on Tuesday, October 18, 2016.

  1. Business Development and Job Creation
  2. Canal Redevelopment
  3. Infrastructure Renewal
  4. Communications, Public Engagement and Organizational Culture
  5. Financial Management and Sustainability

Welland Strategic Priorities Workshop

The strategic priorities workshop included a review by city staff of the progress made to meet these priorities during the current term. Within the workshop a market analysis was discussed to identify the current environment of, as well as, emerging trends of the public sector and a discussion took place on how to create opportunity from the impact of GE’s move to Welland. The strategic priorities adopted by council provide initiatives for the staff of the City of Welland and a vision to help ‘reposition Welland for the future”

To read the full media release from the City of Welland click here. 


Throughout this term, Welland has moved forward with an aggressive approach to economic growth and sustainability. This strategic priorities solidify this movement, one that has brought many economic wins to the city including investments from Niagara College, Atlantic BiodieselNorthern Gold Foods and of course, GE

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